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The Blacksmith


Back in 1989, Mike "Brokenanvil" Quigley got a job at Woodbury Blacksmith & Forge Company cleaning up and organizing material and work stations. After about a year of observing, he began to apprentice and learn more about the blacksmith trade under Don Goss and Charles Euston. Over the next 10 years, he had the pleasure of creating many beautiful works of art made of iron. His heart yearned to pursue his dream of Blacksmithing full time, and after many years working at his craft, he is making that dream into a reality!

I couldn't have been more than 5 years old when I first set my eyes on a real anvil, an old man standing by the fire waiting for the iron to get hot. Then in a sudden motion, he whisked the bright glowing molten bar from the fire and laid it upon the anvil, quickly striking it. With a firm grip the old Blacksmith swung his hammer over and over, sometimes tapping the anvil between blows, as sparks and bits of scale fell away, the bar began to take shape.

Today 30 something years later, Mike Quigley has become the Blacksmith with over 20 years of experience of applying the historic trade skills of the old blacksmiths. Over the years, he has collected and hand crafted various tools of the trade which allow him to recreate Authentic Early American Period Style Wrought Iron Hardware that is only commonly found today on old barns and homes from early colonial times, as well as many other decorative and utilitarian types of iron work. 

About Us

Fire and Steel Forge Blacksmith creates authentic period style hardware and decorative iron work, hand crafted and forged with the skills of the Old World Craftsmen which reflect a high degree of skill and beauty. Each item is individually hand crafted by New England Master Blacksmith Mike Quigley (aka brokenanvil), who has over 22 years of experience in his craft.

Our Early American Colonial hinges, handles, hooks, pulls and hardware show the detail and traditional styling that is true of authentic period hardware. We offer restoration consultation services to Historic and Preservation Societies for authentic restorations as well as homeowners who want to preserve the Historical integrity of their Colonial Homes.

All of our Wrought Iron Hardware is made right here in America by Master Blacksmith Mike Quigley in his shop located in the small rural New England Town of Bethlehem, nestled in the beautiful rolling foothills of Litchfield County, Connecticut. 

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